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Memorial Videos

What is a Memorial Video?
Yourcollection of 35 treasured photos placed on a DVD. You decide the photosequence of the pictures and we edit the photos and blend them with music; tocreate a keepsake for you and your family.

Why consider a Memorial Video?
MemorialVideos become the centerpiece of your loved one’s celebration of life. Thisone-of-a-kind memorial tribute will act as a memory safe for your mostcherished photos that you can enjoy over and over again.

When is the Memorial Video shared?
Thephotos will be viewed during the visitation service on our flat screentelevision. The tribute can also be presented at  your loved one’s funeral service. The photoswill bring back memories for family and friends to reminisce.

How soon does Jones Funeral Home needthe photos?
Thephotos need to be made available to the staff at Jones Funeral Home at least 24hours prior to services.

What form can the photos be in?
Thephotos can be the original photos, they may be on a disc or a removable driveor even by e-mail. However, Jones Funeral Home does prefer the original photosfor quality purpose.

Can additional copies of the MemorialVideo be ordered?
Yes,additional Memorial Videos are available for purchase, even after the services.  Shipping is also available.  

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